JR Rugg

JR Rugg 1I was raised in a Catholic home.  As I got older I struggled making friends and doing well at school. When I was 12years old in junior high school, my life got a bit rougher. There was a lot of gang activity and most of us got beat up after school. So I faced an option. Get beat up or possibly die, or join a gang. So I joined a gang and with that decision came drug abuse and giving up all together with school. This continued until I was about 19 years old. After watching my friends die or just deteriorate I quit with all of that and by the grace of God I didn’t have any side effects.

When I was 26 years old I met my wife in Walmart, of all places.  I thought she was drop dead gorgeous.  I found out we have the same friends and we began to date. The first things we talked about were the Bible and faith. I told her I was Catholic and we talked about the Christian faith a lot then she invited me to church. My main purpose was to have this huge debate with the Pastor (Pastor Darrell Grant) because I thought this Jesus in your heart thing was crazy. So June 12th 2005 I attended Hope Community Church and the Holy Spirit came upon me and I felt peace. It all made sense. And on that day I accepted Christ.

After that I asked the Pastor to teach me everything he knows. The Lord called me to become a pastor and to share the good news with his children. I attended a Christian college, Columbia International University, where I graduated with a degree in Pastoral Studies in May 2013.  My wife and I moved back to Superior in January 2013 so I could complete my schooling with an internship at Hope Community Church (known then as Superior Christian and Missionary Alliance).  We intended to stay until graduation but it’s been 5 years and we’re still here where I served as the Family Life Pastor and have now transitioned into the role of Senior Pastor.