by Lanae Fischer

Mexico BeachIt all starts with God's plan for a person.  He knows what great things that person can do through Him.  Even when times are rough, He knows that in the end it will turn to good.  Because of God's grace, I get to work through Him, for Him and with Him.  It was God's will for me to go on a mission trip to Reynosa, Mexico and show His love to the kids at a children's home there.  I got to get to know a bunch of the kids there and play with them and be a part of their lives.  Every person who walks through that gate must see all the wonderful things God has done for Ray and Leah, the people who run the children's home.  Playing with the children really opened my eyes to how much Jesus loves these children and is present in their lives.  A lot of them appear to have a close relationship with Jesus and spend time with Him every day.  Their Scripture memory skills are impressive!

The children's home is not only a blessing to the people that live there, but also the surrounding neighborhood and the children who still have families on the other side of the gate.  The home has also blessed me and opened my eyes to see that everything we have is a gift from God, and that He is the one who can give and take away.  He gave me and the rest of the team plenty of energy to go through the day: working hard painting or doing one of the other work projects in the morning and early afternoon, and playing hard with all of the kids after they get out of school.  It was awesome to listen to some of the Mexican sermons (on Sunday and Wednesday) and see how God's word is spread into the hearts of many no matter what language they speak.  Although I had issues understanding most of it, it was easy to see that the sermons really touched the kids' hearts and see that Jesus was speaking to them.

Nick LinderI was totally blessed financially and spiritually by being able to go on this trip and be Jesus' hands and feet and spread God's love to Reynosa.  A big thank you to John and Judy Linder, who gave me $200 to go on this trip; without you I wouldn't have been able to go on this trip.  For those of you who think that God isn't calling you to be a part in carrying out His will: pay attention to what God is saying to you, He could be calling you to on this trip in the future.  If you think He may be calling you to go, and you are worried about the finances, just trust God.  If He truly wishes for you to go, He will provide for you what you need.  God is always in control, whether you realize it or not!